Friday, April 20, 2012

How to create a wi-fi hotspot using your laptop for your playbook, ipad, psp, mobile phone, tablet etc

You should have :
  1.  Any internet connection, LAN ,Wi-Fi or 3g modem , if you are in Kenya , any 3G internet modem from safaricom, airtel , or orange would do.
  2. Wi-Fi enable Laptop with recommended windows 7 ultimate, home or professional, windows 8 operating system.
  3. You are gonna want to download the latest version of connecifty-me software.
  4. Navigate as shown on the screen captures below.

Finally you want to right click on your currently active connection, and go to properties, sharing tab and allow sharing to the virtual Wi-Fi miniport adapter which as you can see , mine is wireless network connection 2.